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Mission-making software with minimal cellular degradation!

about project

This page is dedicated to archival work surrounding MissionMaker. It is organised and updated by the webmaster, Ralcore.

I also received a lot of help from others (who found a few extra games and also did many hours digging around AWS servers). Thank you!


The end goal is to provide download links to the final, most updated versions of MissionMaker and MissionPlayer, alongside a large collection of .playmission files for easy download and play.


This project is not affiliated nor supported by the copyright holder or developer for MissionMaker.

For enquiries regarding the state of MissionMaker or any other Immersive Education products, this is not the place to be!

I'd recommend getting in touch with Andrew Burn, director of the now-seemingly-defunct MAGiCAL Projects who took over most of IE's work when they fell to the recession.

Downloads offered on this page are for nostalgic/personal use ONLY. MissionMaker is not freeware nor is it necessarily abandonware, so if you intend to make professional/commercial use of the product, I'd again recommend you contact Andrew Burn for a license enquiry.

our archives

MissionMaker text banner

The creation tool used to create MissionMaker games. Design a 3D game with modelled objects, scripts, and special effects.

This archive contains version of MissionMaker, alongside its instruction manual and additional media found on the server.

Files ripped from the extreme bowels of an AWS server with the help of others. Thank you! 464.6mb. Uploaded 2021-05-26.

Download MMArchive (

MissionPlayer text banner

Version of the tool used to play MissionMaker games. Always intended as freeware. Open .PLAYMISSION files and enjoy action-packed games created by others!

File scraped from an old AWS download link. 8.2mb. v2.0.0.2 (2014-05-29). Uploaded 2021-05-26.

Download MPArchive (

PlayMission Archive text banner

Forever WIP. A complete collection of all .PLAYMISSION files accessible across the web. Play MissionMaker games that may or may not be functional!

Files scraped from all around the internet. See included _readme.html for more information. 626mb. v1.2. Uploaded 2023-01-06.

Download .PMArchive (Google Drive)

about missionmaker.

MissionMaker was a 3D educational game development engine created in 2006 and sold to schools over the next ~8 years. It provided easy access to 3D game development for KS3 students, with pre-built 3D assets, options to import custom assets, an in-depth scripting sequence, and a flexible base from which many types of game could be produced.

Originally developed by Immersive Education and funded by the PACCIT-Link programme, the software saw national sales in educational facilities before Immersive Education succumbed to the 2012 UK Recession. MAGiCAL Projects then took over the software, alongside other Immersive Education software like Krucible, Kar2ouche and MediaStage.

MAGiCAL continued to own these products through 2021, although only Kar2ouche fully survived the transition, with MissionMaker undergoing a full ground-up reconstruction in the form of MissionMaker Core, Macbeth and Beowulf, and MediaStage and Krucible remaining inaccessible. MAGiCAL's website eventually closed in late 2022.

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"hey, isn't this illegal?"

yeah, probably. but there's only so many other options.

missionmaker is currently property of unversity college london, specifically "magical projects", a division under the remap media arts and play department. they've owned it since at least 2014, when immersive education fell to the recession. that should make this easy: go to magical, get a license.

magical's website has been down since early 2022. it now dead-ends to a 404. the twitter account has also stopped updating since this happened. exactly *why* this happened is unknown. but the company they outsourced unity development to shutting down probably didn't help.

even if it were still up, it never officially sold licenses for missionmaker classic - only beowulf, the unity remake. if you wanted a license for missionmaker classic, directly contacting management was your only option. having received no response in three attempts - twice to andrew burn, the director of magical, and once to magical's general contact email before the site went down - it seems unreasonable to get a single-user license this way. calling ucl and asking for magical directly might be the best entry point if you wanted to continue this route, but at some point you gotta wonder how much of another person's time ur willing to waste in pursuit of weird old software.

other leads are sparse. you *might* be able to get in contact with some old immersive education staff and get a copy that way, although personal attempts so far have been inconclusive. you could contact a school that had a license in the past, but this isn't any more legal than just grabbing a copy for free anywhere else.

ultimately, if magical were expecting anybody to purchase a copy of missionmaker classic, it wouldn't be this hard. for the purposes of this website, missionmaker classic is being considered abandonware. newer entries *might* still be in progress, but that isn't important. the version we're interested in hasn't been available in official form for eight years. that's long enough.

again, if you are aiming to use missionmaker for anything other than personal purposes, please go track down someone from the development team. using downloads from this page is probably a bad idea.

everyone else: have fun.
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